A 17-year old minor girl in Hyderabad stood up for herself when she was forced into marrying her 34-year old cousin M Chennaih. A student of Narayana college, she reached out for help through a helpline number and complained against her parents. She said how they were not listening to her and forcibly getting her married on April 20.

She told the police, "“I was very confused and didn’t know what to do. I requested a friend to help me and she spoke to her parents who gave the numbers of non-government organisations. I called them when my parents were not at home and informed about the forced marriage. They promised to rescue me.”

While police and child right's activist intervened the marriage, this could not have been possible without the help of the girl's friends. When she had discussed this situation at home with her classmates, they spoke to their parents who gave them a helpline number. Meanwhile, DCP of Shamshabad P.V. Padmaja along with the volunteers counselled the parents about legal issues related to child marriage and also made them understand that the girl was unwilling to marry and that she wanted to study. "We have told them that they should support the girl in following her dreams," said one of the volunteers.

She further added, "We are going to follow-up with the girl for a few months as it is important for her to not be intimidated by the family members and give in to the marriage. Hence, after counselling by the police too, there is a need for follow-up."