Telangana Minister KTR shocks his own party men in Warangal

First Published 14, Oct 2017, 4:45 PM IST
Telangana Minister KTR shocks his own party men in Warangal
  • KTR responded to a tweet of a common man in Warangal and warned his party cadre against putting up flexies in his honour.
  • He ordered for the removal of his flexies and also to levy penalty against those who have put them up.
  • He visited Warangal today to launch TASK regional office.

Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao ordered the TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) party workers of Warangal to remove his flexies put up to welcome him in the city. He also ordered the Municipal Commissioner of levying penalty on those who committed this act.

KTR issued this order in response to a tweet by a man in Warangal who questioned if his order of banning flexies in Hyderabad as Municipal Commissioner would be applicable to Warangal city or not? 

@KTRTRS sir this is in Warangal regarding your visit tomorrow, won't flex ban apply to the ruling party? Just asking”.

In lieu of KTR’s visit to Warangal today, local TRS leaders and workers put up huge flexies welcoming the minister. Previously KTR ordered that no flexie should be put up in Hyderabad else fine would be levied on the persons. 

KTR responded to the tweet of the common man and immediately responded by issuing orders to the Warangal Municipal Commissioner in twitter itself.

“Request Municipal Commissioner Warangal to ensure all these are removed immediately & people who set them up levied a penalty @MC_GWMC”.

While some of the TRS leaders appreciated KTR for his prompt response, Warangal TRS workers grumble for the trouble and fine they have to bear and complained that it would have saved them a lot of trouble if they were given prior orders.