About 40 youths from Nizamabad and Kareemnagar districts of Telangana are stranded in Sharjah and are pleading for help for the last 10 days. Lured by the job opportunities in the country, they allegedly paid Rs 75,000 each to employment agents in the state who promised them jobs.

However, things turned out differently when they reached Sharjah. Not only were they unemployed, but were also hungry and struggling for life each day of their lives. According to a report by the Deccan Chronicle, the men called up their families on Monday and narrated their woes to their families. 

They were promised employment in housekeeping at Sharjah by a Gulf agent, operating out of Talveda village in Nandipet mandal of Nizamabad district. After having paid him the money, they immediately flew to Sharjah only to be rejected in the interview for their age.

Meanwhile, their visit visa will expire in the next two days since it allows one to stay in the city for a span of 12 days only. After this, they will face charges of illegal immigration. Family members claimed that the agent had promised them food and accommodation till their employment was finalised. However, he has rubbed off his responsibilities from the case now. The victims are now requesting help from the Telangana government.