Pawan Kalyan fans support Bigg Boss winner Siva Balaji

First Published 25, Sep 2017, 7:03 PM IST
Pawan Kalyan fans support Bigg Boss winner Siva Balaji
  • Actor Siva Balaji is the winner of the first season of Telugu Bigg Boss
  • His game and his attitude are the characteristics which made him a winner of the top rated show
  • Social media bring out another characteristic to his winning and that is his affiliation to actor Pawan Kalyan

The top rated show of recent times in Telugu television is undoubtedly Bigg Boss hosted by young and energetic actor Jr. NTR. The show ended on Sunday with actor Siva Balaji winning the title of the first season.  

Social media discussed the many facets of Siva Balaji which made him the winner of Bigg Boss show. From the beginning Siva Balaji was a straightforward person who exhibited his straightforwardness when he didn’t like someone or had some issue in the house.

He was pointed for his angry young man attitude by all the contestants from the beginning and he displayed his anger to the full even with Bigg Boss when dirty water was supplied for bathing in the Bigg Boss House. But he escaped elimination every time he was nominated and news that this was due to the support of Pawan Kalyan fans has become viral.

Siva Balaji was like an elder person in the house taking care of the needs of the housemates. His cooking was commended by both inside and outside of the house and this made him in charge of the cooking. He treated everyone equal in the kitchen and dispersed his duties as a chef with efficiency and care.

He also excelled in every given task proving that he is worthy of staying in the competition. His overall attitude in the Bigg Boss House was the reason for making him the winner of season one though everyone expected Hari Teja to win the show with her singing and entertaining performance.

Another reason that is making rounds in the social media is that Siva Balaji had the support of Pawan Kalyan’s fans and that is also one of the reason for making him a winner.

One of the few people that Power Star Pawan Kalyan likes is Siva Balaji. Pawan Kalyan had given opportunity to Siva Balaji in many of his films and even in his recent film Katamarayudu, Siva Balaji played the role of Pawan’s brother. Personally Pawan has a soft corner for Siva Balaji and when Siva Balaji went for a love marriage, Pawan attended the wedding and blessed the couple. He always made a point to professionally assist Siva Balaji whenever the need arose.

The news that Pawan Kalyan’s fans supported Siva Balaji went viral prior to the finals and it is believed that this decision was supported even by Mega fans. Even Siva Balaji is close to Jr. NTR and his fans also have preferred Siva Balaji as the winner.

Though Siva Balaji has the support of two big stars’ fans, his winning has not become controversial as his character in the Bigg Boss house has already won the hearts and support of the audience. There is no doubt as to his being a winner of the most prestigious and top rated show of Telugu television industry in the recent times.