In a rare show of repentance, a harderned burglar, 33-year old Chenchu Lakshmi alias Gaddam Lakshmi Godavari alias Gundla Pochi, wishes to join the 'SHE TEAMS' in Hyderabad, formed to protect women. Infamous as a burglar, Lakshmi is incriminated in 150 cases. She apparently transformed during the 'Maha Parivartan' programme in Chanchalguda women's prison. 

Her jailers say her transformation is also reflecting in the acquittals and bails that she has been getting. However, her main goal is to join the 'SHE' teams once she is released. . Superintendent of Chanchalguda Women’s Prison Basheera Begum, speaking to Deccan Chronicle, said, "Chenchu Lakshmi had the stamina to control at least 10 men and she wanted to use her skills in martial arts after completing her term".

She further added, "She is very strong. She learned some craft and literature. When she is released we want ‘SHE’ teams to give a chance to her".

West Zone Task Force inspector L. Raja Venkat Reddy said that Chenchu Lakshmi was a hardened criminal and used to attack those who tried to prevent her from committing thefts. He also said that Lakshmi was an active burglar and if she had really decided to change herself, she could be a good bodyguard to women celebrities. 

It is also being planned that if she is does not get a chance to prove her mettle with the SHE force, she can be given a job as a security guard at a woman's college or ladies hostel.