Murder in temple! Woman kills gulf-returned husband to live with her lover

telangana | Tuesday, January 9th, 2018
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  • Marriage has become a joke among most young couples
  • Another case of a woman killing her husband to live with her lover has surfaced
  • The woman slit her husband's throat inside a temple premises and fled

Marriage, it seems, has become a joke among most young couples. Another case of a woman killing her husband to live with her lover has surfaced in Telangana.

New Indian Express reported that the victim, Bandi Balaiah (39), had been working in a private firm in Dubai for several years. He came back twenty days ago and told his wife Narsavva (35) that job opportunities in Dubai were not bright and decided to stay back in his hometown.

His wife, who allegedly has an extramarital relationship with a local man, planned to kill her husband. 

She convinced Balaiah to take her to  Sri Raja Rajeswara Swamy Temple, located in Vemulawada town, on the pretext of performing puja. As per the wish of his wife, Balaiah took his wife to the temple on Sunday, while their two daughters (aged 18 and 7) were asked to stay at home, reported the New Indian Express. They allegedly stayed at a guesthouse in the temple premises.

On Sunday midnight, when Balaiah was in deep sleep, Narsavva slit his throat with a sharp knife. Hus body was dumped in the parking lot and then the wife fled the scene.

Devotees who came in the wee hours of Monday panicked after seeing a man's body lying in a pool of blood. They alerted the temple staff who in turn then called the police.

Police found a sharp knife, a mobile phone, a bag and footwear of a woman. They have started a manhunt to nab the wife.

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