Telangana JAC Chairman Kodandaram is getting ready for the third phase of ‘Amarula Spurthi Yatra’. JAC planned to conduct the third phase in CM KCR’s own constituency of Gajwel. JAC will be starting the third phase of the Spurthi Yatra on July 23rd.


Kodandaram started the Amarula Spurthi yatra on the death anniversary of Jayasankar Sir. In the first phase they toured from Sangareddy to Siddipet. They flew the JAC flag in Harish Rao’s fort. Every village gave a hearty welcome to Kodandaram. JAC won tremendous response from the people.


In the second phase JAC flew its flag on the fort of KTR. The Sirisilla yatra was a huge success. People came in huge numbers and conveyed their support to Kodandaram’s yatra. Women’s support was beyond their imagination.


After its completion of two phases, JAC is now aiming at the CM’s own constituency of Gajwel for its third phase. JAC wishes to throw a big challenge to the CM from his own fort.


The yatras of JAC at KCR, Harish Rao and KTR’s constituencies portrays its agenda to question the rule of the government and bring it down. After the three phases of yatras, the political opinion is that JAC might have its fourth phase of yatra in Nizamabad, the fort of KCR’s daughter and MP Kavitha.


The main opposition party in Telangana, the Congress, doesn’t seem to be fighting for the people and their problems. They are only venting their anger before the media but do not seem to be doing anything substantial. Many Congress leaders who won the elections in 2014 joined TRS stating their desire to work for a Golden Telangana. So also with TDP, many TDP MLAs have joined the ruling party.


 The opposition and TDP did speak against the government, but since there is no strong opposition in the Telangana, JAC is the only one acting the role of a prominent opposition. JAC blew the war horn against the government with its Amarula yatra.


JAC chairman Kodandaram accused CM KCR that either he is found in his farm house or in the Pragathi Bhavan but not among the people to listen to their problems. He opined that the CM is working just for commissions and for the gain of his family.


Now all eyes are on the third phase of JAC to see how the JAC would retaliate against the government and its new agenda.