Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari complimented Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his developmental governance in Telangana.

He said that four college buildings were constructed with all facilities with Rs 9.90 crores. 10 districts in Telangana have now become 31 districts and with the assistance of Minister Indrakaran Reddy and Nirmal has also been declared a district. Nirmal is predominantly a minority district and TRS government gives utmost importance to minority education.

“Telangana brought with it 24 hours power facility. Earlier there were agitations by farmers in February that there was no power, seeds and fertilisers. Now the government has experimentally introduced 24 hour power supply to Medak, Karimnagar and Nalgonda districts. Now the farmers request that they do not want 24 hours power supply.

“Earlier the education system was neglected but the TRS government is proud to announce that out of the 404 Junior Colleges 391 colleges have concrete buildings. The rest of the colleges couldn’t be built because of land scarcity but soon land would be pooled for these buildings. Additional rooms, CC cameras, lab facility, games and computers were provided with Rs 356 crores expenditure,” he explained.

The TRS government passed GO 16 for the regularisation of contract lecturers but the Congress representatives filed a case and so it couldn’t be implemented. But KCR will regularise the contract lectures and in the meantime increased has their pay. Government colleges noted an increase of 60 thousand student registration, in Nirmal it increased from 300 to 714 and in Jannaram from 300 to 500.

He continued extolling the government by saying that KCR issued Rs 320 crores to Polytechnic colleges, Rs 160 crores to Degree colleges and Rs 420 crores to Universities. TRS government is giving utmost prominence to education and to achieve a Golden Telangana it is important for human resources. That’s why free education is implemented from KG to PG. When KCR asked me about what would benefit Dalits and poor students to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar, I suggested the increase of 125 Gurukuls but KCR granted 525 Gurukuls. Before the formation of Telangana, there were only 315 Gurukuls but now it has increased to 840, the highest in any state.

“KCR planned to make farming a festival and a celebration. He waived loans of Rs 17000 crores and gave Rs 8000 as investment for one acre of land. A programme on rectifying the records would start from 31st on this month and farmer coordination meetings would be organised from 1st to 9th of September where money would be directly deposited in the farmer’s account and farmers would themselves decide the rate of their produce.

“TRS Government would supply fresh drinking water to every household from January 1st 2018 through its Mission Bhagiratha project worth Rs 43 crores. Through its Shadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi program Rs 75, 116 is given for girls’ marriage. Asara pensions of Rs 5300 crores per year is provided to 38 lakh people, KCR kit of Rs 14000 is given to pregnant women before and after delivery. Telangana is building projects to provide water to one crore acres in which one lakh acres is provided with water in each constituency.”

He said that no other state has so many developmental and welfare programmes like Telangana.

Kadiyam Srihari along with Housing, Law and Endowments Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy inaugurated the Government Junior Colleges in Jannaram (Rs 2.25 crores) and Kasipet (Rs 2.25 crores) in Macherial District. MP Balka Suman, Government whip Nallala Odelu, MLC Puranam Satish, MLAs Rekha Nayak, Durgam Chinnaiah, Collector and local leaders and officials participated in the programme.