In a rather shameful incident, a kidnapping video has emerged online, which shows men dragging a woman through a road in Hyderabad's Amberpet area, while passersby quietly witness the episode without offering any help to the victim.

In the video, the 55-year-old woman can be seen screaming for help but many pass her. The clip of the incident uploaded on to Twitter show the men dragging the woman forcibly through a well-lit road. The incident took place on Monday night.

In the CCTV footage, three bikers suspected to be part of the gang could also be seen trailing behind the two men taking the woman away. Soon after that a frantic man, possibly the woman's husband can be seen running after them.

The woman's husband later filed a complaint with the Amberpet police, who later managed to rescue the woman with the help of the CCTV footage. According to multiple reports,  Srinivas, a private money-lender had ordered for the kidnapping. The police have arrested him and two of his accomplice and they have been charged for kidnapping, outraging woman’s modesty and other relevant offences under the IPC.

According to PTI, Srinivas had lent Rs 4 lakh to the woman’s husband who works as a watchman. But even after over a year, the husband was able to pay back only Rs 1 lakh. So on the evening on May 15, Srinivas and two others went to the watchman’s house and after asking where he is, they dragged his wife to a car and abducted her,” inspector A P Anand Kumar of Amberpet police station said, reported PTI.

The woman was rescued while being taken to Nizamabad.


Request to the public: Please always help a stranger who is need of help. In situations, when a direct intervention is not possible, please reach out to the authorities. Dial 100, call the police. There is always something that we can do, let's not be helpless bystanders but responsible citizens.