Hyderabad High Court seeks another report on police atrocities on Nerella Dalit protesters

First Published 6, Sep 2017, 7:03 PM IST
Hyderabad High Court orders for another report on police atrocities on Nerella Dalit protesters
  • Telangana police submitted a report on the alleged torture of Nerella Dalit protesters by police.
  • In the report, police said they only lathi charged the miscreants
  • High Court observed several gaps in their version.
  • They asked for a fresh report and postponed the case for another week

The Telangana police in its report submitted to the High Court on the atrocities of Dalits in Nerella village in Sirisilla District said that they only lathi charged to disperse the crowd and didn’t give them third degree as said by the victims.

Police also reported that Telangana government suspended the local SI just because of lathi charge.

A division bench of Hyderabad High Court comprising of Acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice Uma Devi on Tuesday looked into the case and sought clarity on various issues. The court questioned the police as to how the victims suffered injuries in their private places.

The court said that the information in the two reports varies and directed the police to submit a joint report by next Tuesday and postponed the case till then. The High Court accepted as PIL the letter submitted by retired Justice Chandra Kumar.

The opposition parties in Telangana alleged the involvement of State IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao in the sand mafia case and that on his orders the Telangana police used third degree on Dalits.

They demanded SC atrocity case be filed against the SP and also to hand over the case to CBI.