Close to 20 out of 28 private schools have recorded zero pass records in the Telangana SSC examination results announced on Wednesday. This has left the parents and the state in shock, forcing them to mull over the condition of the education system in India. In complete contrast to the results here, only eight government schools recorded the same results. 

This goes against Hyderabad's reputation of having the highest number of private schools in the state. Despite that, it ranks 29th in the 31 districts of the state with 73.26% pass percentage, just above Suryapet with 67.15 per cent and Wanaparthy with 64.81%. Speaking to the New Indian Express, Maya Sukumaran, principal of Gitanjali Senior School, Begumpet said, "It’s a wake-up call for school managements to look into the matter and find the cause. I feel maybe these schools didn’t have pre-final exams. Maybe if they did, these results have shown and then the managements could have taken remedial measures."

She owes this failure not to the students, but to the teachers who are either untrained or sub-standard. Educationists, on the other hand, blames the failure of the government to act against schools lacking proper infrastructure. Some, in fact, are reported to have just two to three teachers and do not even have the finances to manage a school. So, they do not have classes but let students sit for exams.

Parents, meanwhile, are angered by the government's apathy to the shoddy state of education. One even said that she is ready to send her child to a government school if they promise of effective education.