The virtual world isn't an easy place to live in. In the past, we’ve come across so many hoax messages and here yet another. This time its WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that will begin charging you for their services. The scam asks people to pass on messages, creating chain messages, to avoid paying up for the services.


The message circulated on WhatsApp reads: "From Saturday morning Facebook will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message. In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will become blue (🔵) and will remain free," the message reads. "As discussed in the paper today, Facebook will cost 0.01ps per message. Send this message to 10 people. When you do the light will turn blue otherwise Facebook will activate billing."


The message above is also circulated by replacing 'WhatsApp' with 'Facebook'. It is best you ignore or delete such messages. As Facebook Messenger and Facebook-owned WhatsApp are used by over one billion users, and such hoax messages will only help spread false news. They may not essentially harm you or make you shell out money, but its sheer waste of your precious time.


Also, it should be noted that Facebook may never charge you for its services, owing to the model it follows. Facebook uses user date to help advertisers target the right user base. As a responsible netizen, blindly sharing content is not the best thing to do.