Manchester United will take on Arsenal in a Premier League fixture at the Old Trafford on Saturday and the football fans cannot wait for the clash. However, this clash has more than it meets the eye as Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger will lock horns yet again in England.


Football fans are getting more and more impatient to see the rivalry between two world class managers that has continued for 12 years.


However, one needs to know certain things before going into this fixture. Wenger has never ever beaten Mourinho in 11 Premier League games that they have played against each other. Mourinho has always managed Chelsea to finish above Arsenal during his five years of tenure with Blues.


Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea then and now he will be leading his Red Army in front of what is expected to be a full house at the Theatre of Dreams today.


The Portuguese manager is unlikely to bow down in front of his English counterpart and that has been made evident during the pre-match conference. Mourinho stated that others might have respect for Wenger but he does not have one ounce of it as he had won the title 18 months ago and not 18 years ago.


The bitterness between the two has crossed limits a number of times so much so that they have been warned by the Football Associations in the past.


However, Mourinho would not live this moment by cherishing the past glories against Arsene Wenger. He would rather want his boys in the red to show some class and decrease the gap in the points table between them and the top five. If United lose against Arsenal, they will be nine points behind Wenger’s men and Mourinho will not like that definitely.


In front of 75,000 people at the Old Trafford, Mourinho would want to prove his point.


On the other hand, Arsenal had beaten the Red Devils way back in 2006 at the latter’s back yard and ever since then, the Gunners have been on the inferior side at the Old Trafford when it comes to record.


I have done enough talking about these highly respected managers of the game and now it is time for their boys to take the pitch and come up with some good quality football.