In what could definitely be termed as sheer luck, Spanish motorcycle racer Aron Canet made a miraculous escape. Not just he survived his own crash, he disallowed others from crashing and causing a serious mess.

It was during the qualifying event of Portuguese Grand Prix (GP) in Algarve, when Canet hit the tarmac during the eighth turn, leading his bike to skid, while he too fell and skidded away in the follow-through. Nonetheless, he failed to make it beyond the track, to the safety zone, after he recovered.

Consequently, he was momentarily left stranded on the track, as other incoming racers made their way through. Nonetheless, he did manage to evade them, with as many as six racers just buzzing past him, as he eventually made it to the safety track.

Credit must also be given to the other riders, who managed to breeze past him, despite being unaware of the helpless Canet's situation, owing to the hillcrest. Least to say, they all were lucky to escape unhurt, in what could have possibly been a disastrous crash.

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Nonetheless, Canet seemed to be unfazed by the incident, as he ran onto his stranded bike, to pick it up and get back to the race after minor repairs by his team on the bike. The number 44 rider managed to qualify by finishing 15th, while Australia's Remy Gardner clinched the pole position.

Here is the video of the same:

Canet has been in the MotoGP circuit since 2013, starting with the Moto3 class. This happens to be his maiden season in the Moto2 class, as the 21-year-old is currently placed 12th after 11 races. He drives for the Asper Team and rides the Speed Up SF20T bike.