IPL 2018: How really expensive is a single match in this tournament?

IPL 2018: How really expensive is a single match in this tournament?

The Indian Premier League is sometimes known as the Indian ‘Paisa’ League. The amount involved in this franchise based T20 tournament is humungous. There is more to IPL than just cricket. The off-field drama and entertainment during the IPL including some exciting matches on field makes the tournament one of the biggest tournaments in the history of cricket.

The Indian Premier League has been known for the bucks that go into hosting a tournament of that stature. Let us have a look at how expensive really is one IPL match. 


The Indian Premier League since its inception eleven years ago has always been critiqued for the vast amount of money that goes in to set up the stage for a match of cricket. Various officials in the board have allegedly been a part of some of the biggest scams in the country. A tournament sometimes called the Indian "Paisa" League had seen a fascinating turn of events this year. 


Star India took the world by surprise when it acquired IPL's media rights for a whopping 16,347 crores for just five years. Doing the math, it should cost them Rs 51crores at the rate of 64 games per tournament. The 21st Century Fox-owned media house has been setting new standards with their new media strategies in the country. 


Star India Spokesperson said that it takes about 700-800 people in one IPL match with a budget of about Rs 60 lakhs to 2 crores per game and the people are working hard in the production of the IPL coverage including the regional feeds. 


The Broadcasters have used new and innovative recording equipment like drones, spider-cams and satellite cameras in various languages to provide a better viewing experience. The Star Sports Select Dugout provides fans with analytical expertise and brings fans ever more closer to the game of cricket. 


Due to rising high demand of the IPL to be viewed in regional languages especially in Malayalam and Marathi that Star India will be broadcasting the finals of the Indian Premier League on 17 channels with eight different languages. 


These efforts are on to enhance viewership experience for the fans and increase the viewership base as well.