In a shocking revelation, the tree activists have found some 17 trees in Mahadevpura zone have been poisoned. It is believed that it is the handiwork of advertising mafia.

Vijay Nishanth, an urban tree conservationist,  who had noticed this heinous crime,  says, the hoarding may bring about 40 crores to BBMP annually but, the fact is that the hoarding mafia which is controlled by politicians and BBMP engineers is the reason for the massacre of these trees.

"Last week on March 3, I was informed about healthy trees drying up at Mahadevapura. I noticed, that the culprits have poisoned the trees with lead content. The tree has partially dried as acid had been poured. I had scrapped the affected area for trees and treated the wounds for healing. The 14 trees have dried up. This apart, the culprits also have mutilated 13 trees. All these cruel activity is done to gain publicity for the product displayed on hoardings, hence this case should be treated as criminal conspiracy," said Vijay.

Range Forest Officer of Mahadevpura Zone Thimmappa who was summoned by senior BBMP officers in this connection has registered and FIR under preservation of tree act.

"The matter will be investigated, and the agencies that put up the hoardings on Marathalli ring road in Mahadevpura area will also be interrogated as it is a serious crime to cut of poison trees," said Thimmappa.

Fearing the matter will be buried under the carpet, RTI activist Sai Dutta has filed a complaint with Lokayukta police in this regard.