While the entire world has gone nuts for 'Pokémon Go', a university in the US decided to take a step further and include the popular game in their curriculum. 


The students of Idaho University have been given a chance to earn course credits just by playing the game. The university will include the game in 'Pop Culture Games', which will be introduced in the fall as part of its physical education programme. With this move, the university aims to teach students the importance of teamwork and encourage them to explore communities. 


The university has already included a multi-player live action game 'Humans Vs Zombies,' similar to the game of hide-and-seek. The new game is introduced with the hope that its popularity will attract more students to participate in the physical education programme. 


"Pokémon Go is considered a good option because it helps students to explore their surroundings. In the game, a player has to move and join one of the three teams that compete to gain control over local gyms. It keeps the players active as they can explore new things and move in groups which indirectly helps develop skills like leadership and respect for one another," said course instructor Steven Bird. 


The game has taken over the world like plague. In a bid to play the game, a man in New Zealand man left his job to be a full-time Pokemon hunter. It has been causing traffic violations and accidents around the globe.