It all started on Twitter. They followed each other on twitter, were followed by many and kept their a highly guarded world of hashtags, messages and a joyous communion on the social media a private affair. The 140-character restrictions on twitter did not dampen their relationship. And on Monday, the common hashtag #SenuVinu brought them together in their life too. 


Romance on Facebook or blogosphere is no longer news. But love in a digital platform that put tabs on words, is far less common, at least in this part of the world. 


The story goes like this. Two Malayalees - Seenu Sudhakaran, who tweet under the handle @BlabbingFingers and Vinu Govind aka @Govindhan916 on twitter- followed each other on twitter and it was the beginning of unlimited tweets and coded inscriptions.


Finally, they tied knot in the presence of their twitter friends from across the world who gathered in Kochi, most of them meeting each other in person for the first time in life. All of them had delicious sadya (feast) along with their long-time followers.


As the couple exchanged nuptial vows, the venue buzzed with a sudden surge in tweets as their friends busied themselves posting wedding pictures and live update of the ceremony on the social media platform.


But how did they propose? Direct Message on twitter would have come handy for the lovers. Well, it’s a secret Twitter and the couple may not allow access to. All the tweets of @BlabbingFingers and @Govindhan916 are protected!


 Let us wish #happymarriedlife to the couple!