The Tsunami waves claimed many lives, destroyed thousands of houses in the coastal Kerala in December 2004. It left a wave of destruction, panic, trauma. But funds poured in after that. A slew of rehabilitation projects was announced. 


Now, 12 years after the killer waves left a trail of blood on the shores, the political-bureaucratic nexus has built edifices of corruption, under cover of providing homes for the victims.  

The biggest rehabilitation scheme in recent history now stands witness to the malice that hurt the country the most- corruption! 


Around Rs. 2,000 crores were spent on welfare and rehabilitation of Tsunami victims in the state. More than 11,000 houses/ flats were built across the state. 


An Asianet News investigation proved that ineligible persons occupy most of the houses built in the name of Tsunami rehabilitation. The 42 flats built for the victims in Kozhikode are now in the hands of illegal occupants who are now trying to arrange legal documents. Nearly Rs.270 crores were spent in the housing scheme in North Kerala alone. 


Many houses are yet to be occupied as beneficiaries found it unfit for living.  Numerous unoccupied homes are now the haven of anti-social elements. 


A fisherman, who is in the beneficiary list, said that his family decided to remain in their old house because the government provided housing far from the coast.