Techies in state capital and farmers in central Kerala took to the streets on Friday in solidarity with the protests of their Tamil neighbours who occupied Chennai against Supreme Court verdict banning Jallikkattu. 


Over three hundred employees assembled outside Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday with placards slamming the ban. They also demanded a ban on PETA. The peaceful protest, organised under the aegis of Tamil employees, lasted for an hour. Farmers of Palakkad bordering Tamil Nadu also took to streets to show that they also shared their neighbours' concern. 


If the farmers and techies were prompted primarily by an urge to support Tamil brothers and sisters who continue to stay put in Chennai's Marina Beach protesting, the Festival Coordination Committee at Thrissur had a different reason to join the protests. The committee found its longtime demand for removing the restrictions imposed by various courts and government on parading elephants during temple festivals was similar to that of the Jallikkattu agitators. The committee is also a planning a public agitation in solidarity. 

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Kerala government had decided to impose restrictions on parading elephants during festivals citing that it amounted to torture. The Kerala High Court had banned the use of elephants in the Makaravilakku Festival at Sabarimala Temple, much to the disappointment of a big section of festival enthusiasts.