Govindachamy, the life convict in sensational Soumya rape and murder case requested police to provide him with a prosthetic hand. The single-handed vagabond made the appeal to DGP Anil Kanth, who visited the jail on Wednesday. 

The prisoner also asked to make arrangements to provide five packets of beedi to him daily. Kant visited Kannur Central Jail to attend a meeting of Jail Advisory Committee. Govindachamy submitted the request when the officer reached the 10th block in which those convicted of serious offences are lodged. He asked DGP to make provisions to supply beedi from jail canteen. 

However, DGP told him that smoking is prohibited on jail premises and so it is not possible to provide beedi but the request for prosthetic hand can be considered. 

This is not the first time Govindachamy is making unique requests to jail officers. Earlier he had staged a hunger strike in prison demanding to serve biriyani daily. Following day he withdrew the strike as he was served mutton curry. He once tried to commit suicide inside the cell by hanging on his lungi following which his dress was changed to three-fourth. Later he requested jail authorities to shift him to Poojapura Central Jail. 

Supreme Court annulled his death sentence last September stating that prosecution failed to prove that the murder was committed by him.

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Prosecution case was that the vagabond raped and killed Soumya, 23, after pushing her off a speeding train in February 2011.