The stunt director should take all necessary precautions. I am shocked that Uday and Anil were not given any safety tools including a life jacket.


It is not fair to force any artist to perform the stunt when he/she expresses fear to do so.


The tragic incident surely could have been averted if these six precautions were taken, he said.


1)    The scenes could have been made with the help of computer-generated graphic (CG)

2)    Tubes could have been thrown to the spot as soon as the actors jumped in

3)    Manual boats are of no use. They should have arranged motor boats. At the most, they would have lost ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 but not lives

4)    The life savers should have been placed on the both sides of the shooting field area

5)    The boats should have been placed as near as possible to the area where the actors jumped in. The boats should have been available within two minutes of the stunt

6)    They could have made to jump with rope tied to their waist