An advocate was fatally shot, and his alleged lover committed suicide in a tragic and shocking incident in Bengaluru. Amit Keshavamurthy (36), was shot by the husband and father-in-law of Shruti Gowda (32), a Panchayat Development Officer, over the alleged affair between the two. 


After admitting Amit to a hospital, Shruti hanged herself in a nearby lodge and committed suicide by hanging. The incident took place on January 13 at the outskirts of Bengaluru near Acharya Engineering College, Hesaraghatta Road.


It is alleged that Shruti Gowda had an extra-marital affair with Amit . Shruti's husband Rajesh (32),  and her father-in-law shot Amit and surrendered to the police soon after the incident. Both were claiming to have shot the man. 

Amit was brought immediately to Saptagiri Hospital but the doctors declared that he was dead on arrival. The police came to the spot and found the car in which the advocate was brought near a lodge opposite the Satptagiri Hospital. 


The police went inside the lodge and broke open the door and found Shruti hanging. She was immediately taken to Saptagiri Hospital but since she was dead on arrival, the post mortem was conducted by the MS Ramaiah Hospital.


Shruti married Rajesh (31) 12 years ago. She had two girl children; the elder daughter is studying in the sixth standard, and the younger is in UKG. She was working as a PDO in the Gollahalli Village Panchayat, while Amit  had completed his education in law in London and had returned to Bengaluru just a few months ago for law practice.  It was alleged that Shruti and Amit were having an affair for quite a few months. 


On January 13, at 2 pm, she met Amit near Acharya College. They  were sitting inside Shruti's car and were chatting. Her husband came to know that she was near Acharya college along with her boyfriend and arrived at the spot with his father Gopala Krishna Gowda (78). Rajesh tracked Shruti through GPS he had installed in her car without her knowledge. 


It is said that a heated argument took place between Rajesh and Amit and at that time he took out his pistol and shot Amit  spending four rounds of bullets. Shruti escaped in her car immediately along with Amit and admitted her wounded boyfriend to the Saptagiri Hospital located on Hesaraghatta main road. Later, she  booked a room (room no. 301) at the Nesara Lodge situated just opposite to the hospital and hanged herself to the ceiling fan with a bed sheet.


Rajesh and his father Gopala Krishna Gowda had their doubts that Shruti was having an affair with Amit and had warned her several times. But she had turned a deaf ear to their warnings. Finally, Rajesh secretly planted a GPS tracker on her car to watch her movements. 



The police have now established that Rajesh had shot Amit and not as his father claimed.