The Karnataka Congress government, which was hit-hard by PUC question paper leak in 2016, claims it has come up with a fool-proof plan to ensure that there won't be a repeat of the incident.

 A total of 6,84,566 PUC students will write their exams on Wednesday. 


As part of the security measures, all 998 centres are put under CCTV vigilance and prohibitory orders have issued in the  200 meters area from each centers.

The Karnataka Congress government, which was left embarrassed as the papers were leaked twice. It even cost the Education minister Kimmane Ratnaker his seat. 


Investigators later found that medical education minister's PA Obalaraju and few insiders were involved in leaking questions papers.

RTI and education activists, T Narasimha Murthy compared Bengaluru to Bihar.

"Once in Bihar, there was no law and order, people used to stoop to low-level to ensure their children pass, and to prevent people from copying and malpractice several measures had to be introduced," he said.

PU Board Director Shikha Nagbhushan assured that, the 'leakgate' will not be repeated and the prohibitory orders were issued in the interest of students who struggle hard. 

"Out of 6,84,566 students, 3,35,966 are girls and 3,48,600 are boys. Apart from 988 chief superintendent, and 988 assistants, and 2,172 flying squads have been appointed, "she said.

Newly appointed Education Minister, Tanveer Sait disagreed with equating the PU board with a corrupt system.

"To make sure the education system remains transparent, we have put the biometric system at question paper treasury. The only authorised person can enter and get the paper and sent it to printing. 

"Every movement will be captured as CCTV's have been installed. Even the transporting the question paper from treasury to centre will be video-graphed,"  stressed Sait.