After two Maoists died in a police shoot out in Nilambur forests in Kerala, the police released two video clippings of ultras camping in the forest have been released to media. The videos, one of 22 seconds and other just over a minute, are believed to be recorded just before Kuppu Devarajan and Ajitha were killed in the gunshot with the police on November 24. 

One of the videos is of Kuppu Devarajan apepaling to his ultra friends to get ready for an armed revolution. He is speaking in Tamil. The other video is of Vikram Gowda, the wanted Maoist leader, raising slogans and Kuppu Devarajan taking class to ultras. Devarajan is also seen welcoming three tribals who joined the Maoists gang. 


As many as 15 people, including 3 women, are seen in the video, and all of them are armed. 

The police is examining the visuals to get any possible details about the plans of Maoists or their strength.