Two days after the BJP targeted Gyanpeeth winner and eminent Malayalam writer MT Vasudevan Nair for criticising demonetization, the author's website was hacked by 'Pak Cyber Attackers' who defaced the website of Thiruvananthapuram Airport the other day. 


'We are unbeatable': the hackers identified themselves as 'Kashmiri Cheetah' also posted a warning against meddling with them.
"Mess with the best; Die like the rest," the message read.


Vasudevan Nair had openly criticised demonetization recently, inviting the wrath of the BJP. Speaking after releasing the book written by Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac on demonetization, he said that the decision to ban currencies brought untold misery to the poor in the country. All the countries that imposed demonetization in the past had lapsed into financial turmoil. 


In a sharp response to the writer, BJP state general secretary AN Radhakrishan questioned why the writer kept silent on many occasions, including the murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader TP Chandrashekharan and in the triple talaq debate.