Sibina, a Technopark employee from Thiruvananthapuram, received a phone call the other day seeking her bank details. The caller identified herself as a bank employee and wanted Sibina’s ATM card details as part of the change in the card due to the SBT-SBI merger.

The techie was reluctant at first to share the card details. But the ‘bank employee’ was smart enough to convince her. Shortly after that, Sibina received an SMS that Rs.20, 000 had been withdrawn from her account. When she realized that she was duped, the Technopark employee shifted rest of the money from her SBT account to another bank and filed complaint with the police.


Arun, another SBT account holder from Thiruvananthapuram also had a similar experience. He also filed complaint with the police after he lost Rs.20,000. The caller told him that his new SBI ATM card was ready and that they need details of the present card with him.


The verification proved that the money was withdrawn from Mumbai. Bank authorities cautioned customers against falling prey to such fraudsters. Never share your bank details to any caller, they said after they received similar complaints from many customers.

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The State Bank of Travancore (SBT) merged with SBI on 1 April this year after remaining the biggest bank in Kerala for over half a century.