The Karnataka State Election Commission has published the 'Voters' Draft' list for the various Vidhana Sabha constituencies in the state. 

Voters who wish to enroll themselves in the voters’ list, can do so now by approaching the concerned authorities. The current 'draft list' time period will also allow changes in names, addresses and other such modifications. 

As per the directive of the Election Commission, the revised draft list of voters with their respective photos has been published on October 1 and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has alloted until October 31 to smooth out any discrepancies or anomalies in the list.

 Acceptable changes span from fixing spellings to changes in address (within the city) and deletion of names of the deceased.  


Anil Kumar Jha, Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka, said that within the deadline, changes in names, addresses and other discrepancies can be fixed by the voters.

Explaining details about the revision exercise in the BBMP head office on Wednesday, he said that even changes to the existing photo, if voter so desires, can be done. 


Applications for changes can be obtained either online or at the office of the election officer at the block level and the filled in forms can be submitted for further processing.
 Youth, women and those with disabilities will be given priority. 

The revised voters' list will be published on the commission’s website on January 10, 2017, the Chief Electoral Officer said.


Some technical details:

  • Form 6: For enrolling as new voter.
  • Form 7: Removal of name if a person is deceased or enrolled in two places simultaneously.
  • Form 8: To incorporate changes in voters' list.
  • Form 8 A: To change constituency because voter shifted residence.

Time Schedule:

  • Oct 1: Draft voters’ list published
  • Oct 1 to Oct 31: Applications for revisions will be accepted. 
  • November 30: Disposing of applications and objections
  • .By December 24: Database development, incorporating of photos, control tables’ development and completion of printing of hand-outs and leaflets.
  • January 10: Final voters’ list to be published.