The war of words between Kozhikode District Collector N Prashant and MP MK Raghavan through Facebook reached new heights after the latter personally handed over a written complaint to the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary against the district official accusing him of maligning his (Raghavan) image on Facebook. 


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"I have briefed in detail and given a written complaint to Chief Minister and Chief Secretary and Privileges Committee in New Delhi about the matter. I have also furnished necessary evidence, now its up to the Kerala government to take action", said MP MK Raghavan.


Meanwhile, the local Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPM leadership has offered its support to the Collector saying that the MP was trying to put blame on the official for his inefficiency.  The District Congress Committee (DCC) have maintained a stiff silence on the issue, and the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) too has maintained a safe distance from the controversy. 


However, the collector has denied commenting on the development. 


N Prashant, who has mass Facebook followers and fondly addressed as 'Collector Bro,' is well admired for various projects implemented to improve social amenities with the public participation in the district.


Recently, the Collector won international recognition for Compassionate Kozhikode that encompasses nearly a dozen humanitarian initiatives.


The verbal spat between MK Raghavan and N Prashant began when the MP alleged that the Collector was deliberately hampering development schemes by delaying fund release for various development projects in the district he also accused Collector of using Public Relations Department and social media for spreading false propaganda and demanded apology but in response the official posted a map of Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district, a place famous for duplicate products. The map is obviously a pun on the Malayalam word 'map' that means an apology.