Two persons were arrested in connection with the missing of a wooden cross, that was found on the encroached land, overnight. The police also seized a vehicle belonging to Tom Scaria, the founder of Spirit in Jesus. 

The suspects, Raju, a native of Katappana, and Sibi from Rajakumari were using the vehicle. 

The wooden cross was erected on the encroached land in Pappathychola, from where revenue officials had removed 30-foot tall cross as part of eviction drive. The new cross appeared on Friday night but vanished overnight baffling authorities who faced severe criticism from Chief Minister for removing the cross from encroached land. 

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The new cross was found at the exact location from where the 30-foot cross was removed, and there were reports that some people even arrived there and prayed. 

The police had earlier registered a case against Tom Scaria, the founder of 'Spirit of Jesus' for erecting the metal cross on government land. 

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