Masti Gudi is the name of a temple of Mastamma, situated in Balle Shibira, in the middle of the Dandeli forests of Heggadadevanakote taluk, Mysuru district.


Mastamma means 'the great wife' (Maha + Sati + Amma), a name of Goddess Parvati and 'Gudi' means temple.



Locals from Balle Shibira now claim that the tragedy that occurred during the shooting of the film 'Masti Gudi', when two actors drowned during a risky stunt over a lake, would not have happened if the film team had held a prayer for the Goddess Masti before the shooting.



The believers of the Masti temple say that the tragic end of Uday and Anil was a curse by Mastamma. Localities aside, even the film team is reportedly gossiping on this topic.



Though the movie is not in any way related to the temple, it is named after the temple of Mastamma. Before the shooting of the film began, a photo shoot was done near the temple.



After the photo shoot, some scenes of the movie were also shot near and around the temple. But the team did not take the blessings of Masthamma. Members of the movie team are now whispering that this negligence enraged goddess Mastamma, who in turn cursed the production.



Locals base this belief on various anecdotes about the spiritual powers of this temple.



It is said that when the shooting of the film 'Gandhada Gudi - Part 2' was planned in 1993, the first thing Dr Rajkumar told Shivarajkumar, his son and the hero of the film, was to take the blessings of Masthamma.



In 1973, during the shooting of ‘Gandhada Gudi’, Dr Rajkumar, the hero of the movie, used to visit the temple every day during the shooting of the film. Not that the film was without incident. During the climax shoot of that film, the gun fired at Dr Rajkumar by Vishnuvardhan (the villain of the film) accidentally went off, wounding Dr Rajkumar.



Locals believe the goddess protected Dr Rajkumar during this incident since he could have easily been killed by the shot.