Ananth Kumar, Member of Parliament from Karnataka, said that though the Mahadayi verdict was not in favour of Karnataka, one should not get disheartened. "Since this is an interim verdict there is scope to seek justice at a higher level and the legal struggle can continue," he remarked.


“Karnataka will not be left desolate in this matter and we will do our best to seek the rightful share of water for Karnataka. The Centre is deliberating on the issue and needed assistance would be given to the state government,” he reiterated.


"Farmers and cultivators of Karnataka have been seeking their rightful share in the Mahadayi river water for many years. We will put sincere efforts to seek justice in the matter, cutting across the party lines and affiliations. An appropriate strategy would be worked out in this regard," he assured.


Coming down heavily upon police atrocities on agitating farmers of Navalgund and Yamanur in Dharwad district, the minister said that authorities should not subjugate farmers and suppress their voices.


He condemned the police action on the striking farmers and insisted that state authorities look into the matter and take punitive actions on erring officials and the staff.