Ranjith Kumar of Attiguppe in Bengaluru left behind a nine-page suicide note, asking the police to bring 'justice' to his lover’s parents Nagaraju and Venkatalakshmi, whom he blamed for his death.


Attiguppe police have filed a case in this regard.


The case raises questions about both caste equations in India and the continuing belief among Indian youth that suicide is an option answer when relationships go wrong.


Ranjith's elaborate death note recounted his three-year relationship with a girl, whose identity has not been released.


Claiming that the two were in a relationship since 2012, Ranjith said the two had 'married' with the gods as the witness and even consummated their relationship.


In a story that is increasingly common in India, the parents of the girl opposed the relationship, giving caste as the key stumbling block.


Her parents are trying to get her married to another person. Parents are not ready to listen to anything I say," he said.


In the letter, Ranjith also recounted the numerous threats and insults the girl's parents heaped on him, claiming that once he was even physically pushed out of the girl's home when he had dropped by to visit.


He claimed he would love the girl as a spirit from now on, and if he was reborn, then he would love her in the next life as well. He also wished that the caste system, which is the main reason for him losing his love, would end.


In a final twist of revenge, Ranjith named the parents in his letter and demanded that the police take action against them, claiming they were the sole reason why he was committing suicide. He demanded that they are punished for denying him his love.


This highly emotional letter makes it clear that Ranjith believed he was taking the only way out.


Every day, there are reports suicides over the failure of relationships.


But is it the only way out?


Ideally, all failure should be dealt with by being a living example of courage and survival. While this is not always possible, it is a worrying trend that young lovers seem to believe that nothing else in their life is worth living.


This attitude, which stems from the believe that every person has only one 'significant other' and there is no purpose to a life beyond that, is dangerous.


There is much in life to live for, and there is always a second chance.


Ranjith ended his letter by seeking forgiveness from his parents, for not being of any use to them and asking his organs to be donated.


Sadly, he never gave them a chance.