When the Social Welfare Department established shelter homes for children, women and girls, the idea was to provide them safety from predators and destitution. But official apathy is turning these care homes to sex traps for children.


An investigation by Asianet News into the functioning of children's care home run by Social Welfare Department at Kozhikode in central Kerala exposed the disturbing truth that children are being subjected to sexual and physical abuse in these shelters.


A teacher of the school functioning as part of the care home revealed that the senior inmates of the care home for boys often subject juniors to sexual exploitation. Children between five to 15 years old are sheltered in this care home.  


An inmate of the shelter said that seniors physically attack them without any provocation. "We don't complain, because it is useless. They will torture us further if we complained," he said. 


It was also revealed that an employee, who allegedly raped and impregnated inmates of the shelter home for girls, continues to serve at the children's home.  


Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights member Naseer Chaliyam said that complaint boxes are placed in the care home  and routine counseling sessions conducted for the children. Such complaints have not come to the notice of the commission. The Commission member, however, said that the body would take the issue seriously and look into it immediately.