The women have the responsibility to safeguard themselves and take caution not to fall prey to into traps, says Kerala Minister G Sudhakaran. "If adult women can't take caution against falling prey to 'accidents' (sex traps) why blame the Home Minister? If you can't take the responsibility against falling into traps, what would the Home Minister and Police do?" the senior CPM leader quipped at a public function on Saturday.  


"There are only 10-15 cases," he said referring to the recent spike in the attack on women and children in Kerala. "All of them are cases related to problems of individuals. They were not political issues or government sponsored (incidents)," he said to justify the Home Department which is under criticism from all corners for failing to ensure the safety of women. 

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"Such incidents do happen in a society which is in a state of lawlessness," Sudhakaran said referring to the change in the value system. 


The crimes against women and children are on the rise in Kerala, and the brutal sex crimes against children have recorded an alarming increase in the past few months. The Opposition parties have targeted the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who is handling the Home Portfolio, for the failure of the police to check the crimes and to nab the culprits in these cases. Sudhakaran's attempt to justify the government and the police comes at a time when the Opposition came out demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister for his failure to ensure women's safety.