Doctors at the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, have given an update about the Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa’s health. Earlier there were reports of her being discharged soon, but now even the hospital authorities have confirmed it.



According to media reports, chairman of Apollo hospitals Dr Prathap C Reddy said, “Right now other systems of her body are being pepped up; her mental functions are fine. I can confidently say our efforts and people's prayers have produced good results. She can leave hospital any time she wants.”



However, the CM’s team of doctors are still keeping her in the Intensive Cardiac-Care Unit (ICCU) to avoid risk due to cross-infection because her immune and resistance is still very weak. In fact, she is using the ventilator support for only 15 minutes a day to facilitate her lung expansion.



She was admitted to Apollo Hospitals on September 22, 2016, for fever and dehydration.