The placement season of IIT Madras of around the corner and till now only 20 startups have confirmed their participation for hiring the fresh graduates from this reputed institution. Last year, this number was 97 startups that made 285 offers to students. 


In fact, according to All-IITs Placement Committee, this has been the norm in all IITs across India. 


However, the void created by the no show of the startups has led to core companies filling up the spot. There are 402 companies that have registered for this year's campus placement in IIT Madras and estimated 1,400 offers would be available for 1,206 students. 


The day one of the placements will see 22 companies trying to attract the best of IIT Madras students on December 1. No startup has been listed for day one. 


After last years startup recruitment fiasco that involves big names like Flipkart, All-IITs Placement Committee blacklisted 30 companies that include 28 startups for a year. Another 12 companies received a warning letter from the committee, and they are also not participating in the recruitment drive this year.