It all started with Excise Minister H Y Meti making a false promise to his personal assistant Shivananda Shetty. He was instrumental in helping Meti win the last elections. The minister was so happy that he had promised to buy him a posh car.


But as like his other promises, Meti did not fulfil Shetty’s desire to ride a luxurious car. Shetty was still working with Meti, with anger bubbling up. So much so, Shetty managed all Meti’s works.


Taking advantage of the situation, sources said that Shetty allegedly fixed a woman to go to Meti and provoke him. After Meti allegedly made advances the woman is said to have tried to strike a deal.


The woman is said to have asked the minister to pay ₹15 crore, else she would bring the matter in front of the media. But Meti allegedly tried to finish the matter for ₹15 lakh.


The woman walked out of the deal as she refused to take such a small amount and the matter has come before the media now.


It is said that the CD of the sex tape was made three months ago and was revealed now as the minister refused to pay the amount.


The truth will come out after the investigation. But if this side of the story is true, the minister is sure to be taken for a ride inside the jail, may be accompanied by his PA Shivananda Shetty.