The DGP office in Kerala capital witnessed high drama when the police tried to arrest Jishnu Pranoy's parents and relatives who arrived there to hold an indefinite hunger stir demanding the arrest of the accused in the case related to the death of the B.Tech student.


After nearly an hour of tension, police forcefully removed Mahija, mother of the Jishnu and relatives. Mahija was seen crying loud as the female cops dragged her into the police vehicle. "You didn't arrest the murderers of my son. What right do you have to arrest us," she shouted before being arrested.

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Mahija was injured in the police action as she was dragged into a vehicle. Relatives alleged that the police hit her while being dragged and need immediate medical attention. 


"You didn't arrest the murderers of my son. What right do you have to arrest us," Mahija to police


The relatives of the deceased B.Tech student reiterated that they would continue the fight  until justice is done.

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"It was very painful to watch the scenes. This is so cruel and inhuman. The government is playing hand in glove with the criminals," RMP leader KK Rema responded.


The police action followed after the relatives of Jishu Pranoy refused to change the venue of their hunger stir from the office of the DGP. 


Even after a lapse of 90 days after Jishnu Pranoy was found hanging in suspicious circumstances in the hostel room of Nehru College of Engineering in Thrissur, the police could not arrest the culprits, the relatives alleged. Out of the five accused in the case are still absconding while others managed to get bail.

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It was alleged that the Nehru College authorities tortured Jishnu, which finally led to his death. His parents complain that their son was murdered by college management. The college authorities claimed that the student committed suicide after he was caught copying during the examination.

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Jishnu Pranoy was found hanging in the toilet of his hostel room early in January this year. The death whipped up an outrage in the student community across the state.  


 The investigators had found that Jishnu was taken to the board room of Nehru Engineering College and was tortured on the day he was found hanging. The blood group of the blood stains found in the ‘torture room,’ matched with that of Jishnu’s, giving more credence to the allegations that the student was subjected to physical torture.