On October 7, three truckloads of municipal waste was dumped in the home of Sneha Nandihal, amid accusations by the garbage workers that she had been abusing them. 


Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Kanchana, a Pourakarmika, said, "Sneha does not pay for Pourakarmikas but wants to sound like an authority. She abuses us as well. Her accusations that the Pourakarmikas were instigated to dump garbage in her home by a politician is false. In fact, the Pourakarmikas wanted to teach her a lesson and show her how tough the job was, and hence a collective decision was taken to dump waste at her house," 


Kaliamma, another worker, also expressed similar sentiments.


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The Pourakarmika's supervisor, Narasimha, who arrived at Krishna Temple Road along with about 10 Pourakarmika's said, "The woman is very abusive, and many do not like her. She always commands us to do our work. The Pourakarmikas are at ground level, and they know their jobs better. The accusations of 'garbage mafia' and political representatives 'hand' in the garbage dumb at Sneha's house is completely false,".


He also added that the workers were requested by the MLA to clear the waste in her house, and it was only then that the Pourakarmikas agreed to clear the waste.


The workers now have approached their president Balan, seeking legal options to tackle the issue.


Local Corporator S Anand, who was accused as the man behind this 'staged revenge' to silence the activist arrived at the spot and stated that he had no role to play and this fight is purely between Sneha Nandihal and the Pourakarmikas. 


"My name is simply being dragged here. When the incident happened, I was at other place and was not aware. Before I could reach, the workers had cleared the waste. When I inquired, I found out that the workers dumped garbage to take revenge against her for abusing them." he said. 


Sneha, who has been into solid waste management activism over the past four years said, she is only helping the community in Indiranagar and has no personal interest.


She said  this atrocious act was done to sideline her and to promote the 'garbage mafia'. 


"A few workers here were taking garbage for Rs 4,000 from commercial complexes identified as bulk generators. I scuttled their nexus and now an authorised agency is taking that waste. I  also complained to higher officials. Hence the 'garbage mafia' is taking me on through these workers," she said.