As peace and tranquility remain a distant dream in Kannur, the trouble-torn district in Kerala where the political rivalry between CPM and the BJP claimed many lives in the recent past, eminent Gandhian PV Rajagopal has offered to mediate peace talks. 


Rajagopal, founder of Ekta Parishad, an organisation working for land rights and forest conservation, told Asianet News from Jharkhand that he was ready to mediate if all sides agreed to it. The eminent Gandhian hailing from Kannur said that it was high time that the parties shun violence and sit together to discuss problems. 


Kannur has to get out of this vicious environment of violence and vengeance. Taking revenge is an old practice. The modern world is trying to solve problems through talks, Rajagopal said. 


"I spoke to Brinda Karat over the phone. I also contacted RSS ideologue Govindacharya and Sri M and Arif Muhammed Khan. Many in the political leadership are ready to intervene directly or indirectly to solve the problems in Kannur and to end violence," he said. 


"Everybody agrees on one point- there should be an end to violence. But someone should take the initiative for that,'' the renowned social worker said. We could make a Gandhian intervention, and try to bring peace and amity, Rajagopal added.


Rajagopal said that he was planning to visit Kannur end of this month. 


Even after seven deaths in less than five months in political violence, the CPM and the BJP continue to blame each other and peace process is yet to take off in the district.  While the BJP wanted the ruling CPM to take the lead for negotiations, CPM snubbed the demand by saying that the BJP leadership should approach the Chief Minister if they wanted talks.


 "We are not going to AKG Centre (CPM state headquarters) begging for peace," BJP state general secretary MT Ramesh said in response.