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Fooled by sister-in-law, love-struck cabbie commits suicide

Fooled by sister-in-law, love-struck cabbie commits suicide
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An initial investigation by the Pension Mohalla police, Hassan, based on Raghavendra's suicide letter, seemed to indicate that he committed suicide in despair after his girlfriend of seven months stopped speaking to him. 


The investigation began with the number Raghavendra mentioned in the suicide letter, which he said belonged to Anu, whom he believed was his girlfriend. When police tried calling the number, it was switched off. But the app 'Truecaller' listed the number under the name Anu. 


Divya too initially confirmed the existence of a girl named Anu, telling investigating officers that Anu was Raghavendra's girlfriend. Divya also claimed that upon hearing of his death, Anu had committed suicide as well. 


This version of the story, already sensational, made headlines a few days ago. 



 But the story changed dramatically once officers tracked down the number to Pension Mohalla, a locality in the city of Hassan, where Divya was staying with her two daughters and her grandmother.


Police now believe Divya pretended to be a girl named 'Anu' for seven months, keeping in touch with Raghavendra through a separate number. 


As per the police, it all started when Divya gave a missed call to Raghavendra, who called her back. Divya then introduced herself as Anu - a part time lecturer from an affluent family. 


As their relationship developed, the two spoke to for hours with each other every day. Over the months, Divya promised to meet Raghavendra several times, but always avoided a face-to-face meeting. Later, when Raghavendra began to take their relationship very seriously, Divya, still pretending to be Anu, claimed that her brother had forced her to marry a man named Pradeep the previous month. 


Taken aback by this, Raghavendra lost interest in his job and became depressed. He eventually came back home in Hassan, wrote a suicide letter, and hung himself.


Was revenge the motivation behind the farce?




Speaking to Suvarna News, Divya accused Raghavendra and her father-in-law of sexual harassment. She alleged that her husband Ramachandra (Raghavendra's brother) and his family had tortured her for money and sexually harassed her. “I wanted them to know how a girl feels when she is tortured and harassed mentally as well as physically. 


Divya claimed that her husband Ramachandra abandoned her after draining her of all of her wealth - including property given to her by her grandmother and her gold ornaments. According to her, she was also sexually abused by her father-in-law. 


Divya said she was eventually thrown out of the home and all access to her husband was cut off from her by his family. 


She alleged that these acts inspired her to seek revenge against the family. She said she chose Raghavendra because he was a bachelor and she wanted them to suffer the pain of being cheated. 


However, she repeatedly stated that she just wanted them to suffer and was not responsible for his death, as she did mean for him to die.


Meanwhile, police said they shall prosecute Divya once they gather sufficient evidence. 

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