Bengaluru cop-turned-politician HT Sangliana suffered a nasty fall today while taking a walk in the National Games Village complex in Koramangala, Bengaluru. According to reports Sangliana suffered a shattered wrist in the fall, and has undergone surgery for the same. 


The former Commissioner of Police and MP from Bangalore North is believed to have stumbled in a pothole, which was not spotted due to a lack of street lights in the area. He is currently being treated at Hosmat Hospital. 

Originally from Mizoram, Sangliana time as the Commissioner of Bengaluru in the eighties made him a superstar in the city for his tough stand against corruption and crime. He later made waves as the city's Traffic Commissioner as well, cracking down on illegal parking and traffic woes. 


He stood for elections in 2004 and won the North Bangalore Lok Sabha seat. He lost the next election in 2009. 


Further details are awaited.