The DYFI (Democratic Youth Federation of India), one of the biggest youth organisations in India, is significantly changing its mode of functioning to woo the new generation. The national conference of the leftist youth organisation, which is underway in Kochi, decided to take up the struggles of sexual minorities and Dalits and march ahead with the slogan 'Lal Salam, Neel Salam.' (Red Salute, Blue Salute.)


A resolution adopted by the DYFI urged the government to drop the section 377 of IPC that prohibits gay and lesbian sex. Homo sexuality cannot be considered a criminal act. The conference expressed solidarity with the struggles of the sexual minorities and felt that every citizen had right to choose his or her sexual preferences. It also denounced what it called the undemocratic approach of society in general against sexual minorities. 


The DYFI also decided to take up Dalit struggles and demanded the promulgation of 'Rohit Vemula Act' against caste discrimination in higher education institutions. As Dalit protests gain momentum across the country against discrimination and institutional oppression, the DYFI could not ignore these uprisings, the conference felt. From the role of an observer, the organisation should actively take part in this agitation, it decided.


To equip the organisation for the new generation, the DYFI is also planning to change its organisational structure with more women representation.  


 The DYFI national conference elected P A Muhammed Riyas as its national president.