The Karnataka CID has released a 14-page interim report on the DySP Kallappa Handibag kidnapping/ransom/suicide case. Kallappa was accused of being involved in the kidnapping of a boy named Tejas and releasing him after receiving ₹10 lakh as ransom. The DySP committed suicide shortly after being accused.  


Shockingly, the CID report states that Kallappa did not a role in the missing ₹10 lakh ransom or the kidnapping case.


The CID makes the case that the innocent Kallappa took his own life because he was unable to bear the shame of having his name appear in an FIR, even though he was not involved in the case.


The CID also stated that though Kallappa knew Tejas, as he had once arrested him for gambling, he had no ties with the boy once Tejas was released from custody.


Regarding the ransom, the CID's investigation alleges that Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Khandya had asked Kallappa to accept the money, which the DySP did because he 'respected' Khandya.


The CID claims that Kallappa kept the money in a bag in his compound, but was unaware that about the origins of the cash.


Seeking to place the blame squarely on the VHP leader, the CID alleges that Khandya took advantage of his friendship with Kallappa, who, the report noted, had never been implicated in any corruption-related issues in his career.


So, at least by the interim report, it would seem that Kallappa took his life for honour's sake, rather than any guilt.