Cyclone Vardah came into the state of Tamil Nadu at the speed of 150 km/hr and made quite an impact. However, there were hardly any causality but people struggled to get the basic needs of daily life.


Tamil Nadu is yet to recover from the after-effect of Vardah and it is still struggling with a number of things.


Here’s a list of problems that Tamil Nadu is still facing:


Internet connections are yet to return to normalcy: The day Vardah arrived in Tamil Nadu, ever since then the internet connections are yet to restore. As a result of this, common people have not been able to use ATMs. They also have not been able to use their debit and credit cards in almost all the places.


Mobile Network: The Indian cricketers resorted to Playstation at their hotel rooms as they did not have mobile networks in their phones. We all can see the photos that the Indian cricketers posted. So we can understand how severely the network has been affected.


Power Supply: Chennai and major parts of Tamil Nadu remained in the dark for quite some time. There are few areas where the power is yet to come back.


Transport: Buses and train services have resumed across the state of Tamil Nadu but they are definitely not running on time. It will take another two-three more days to return to normalcy.