Spicy fish curry served with hot boiled rice is a quintessential dish of Kerala but what if the fish curry doesn't stop releasing steam even after two days its was cooked.

This is exactly what happened at Salim's house at Payipra in Ernakulam.

The residents say they bought 'Kannu Ayala'( a salmon variety) from a local market here on Saturday morning. After cleaning and slicing, the fish was marinated and kept in an earthen pan for cooking. The curry was served with rice during lunch. Though the dish tasted a little sweet, they didn't notice anything unusual. Later in the evening, the family noticed that the curry was still releasing steam and the pan was still warm. On Sunday evening some family members complained uneasiness and were admitted to hospital.

Explaining the reason behind the unusual phenomenon, food safety authorities say poisonous, carcinogenic chemicals such as formalin and ammonia are used in fish brought from nearby districts to prevent it from going stale. This could be the reason behind the strange occurrence. Formalin is commonly used to preserve dead bodies in mortuaries.