Currently, Karnataka in a fix.


Karnataka, through its state Assembly, had decided to use the remaining water in the Cauvery basin only for the state’s drinking purpose.


For this choice, it faces a grave contempt of court case from the Supreme Court for refusing to adhere to its order on releasing Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.


On the other hand, Fali S Nariman, the advocate who has represented Karnataka in the issue for decades has repeatedly stated that he would not argue the case until Karnataka obeyed the Supreme Court.


He had refused to argue state’s case even on September 30.


However, earlier, retired Justice Markandey Katju has made his second offer to represent Karnataka in the Supreme Court for free.


Following the Supreme Court’s verdict on Friday, Katju, referring to the apex court as 'King Canute' said, "King Canute passes another order, but unfortunately the waves refuse to comply."



Canute was a monarch who once had his throne placed on a beach and ordered the waves to go back during high tide. As can be expected, the water did not obey the king and eventually soaked his feet.


Considering Karnataka's position right now, these tweets seem to give the honest impression that is no harm in making Katju Karnataka’s advocate on the Cauvery issue - if he is serious about his offer.


From the time the Cauvery dispute came to forefront this year, Katju has been showing interest in representing Karnataka.



As the Supreme Court has said the current judgement was its 'last warning' to Karnataka to release water and to flout the ruling, this time, might lead to an contempt of court, can Katju put forth stronger arguments to save the state?


Well, at least he certainly seems imagine so.


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