The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), tired of ‘organised miscreant’ efforts to make Bengaluru look shabby, has decided to paint all the walls of the city white.


A few years ago, the BBMP had taken steps to project the history and beauty of Karnataka on the walls of the city. Accordingly, there were paintings of important places of the state - like Jog Falls, Chitradurga Fort, KRS Dam, flora and fauna, the beauty of the Western Ghats and more.


But despite repeated warnings from the BBMP, some organisations continued pasting the posters of their leaders and events organised by their associations. They covered the painted walls of the city and laid waste to all efforts of the BBMP to beautify the city.


Thus, the BBMP will now remove all the posters and white wash all the walls.


People always blame the administration for bad roads and the polluted city, but forget that the public contribution to this 'uncleanliness' is quite large. Maybe whitewash is the answer after all.


So, will the white walls prevent ‘organised miscreants’ from spoiling the white image of the city? Will have to wait and watch.