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Bengaluru reacts: Artists, activists condemn planned steel bridge

  • Bengaluru's temperature has risen to 45 degree Celsius and culling 812 trees for the construction of steel bridge will prove adverse
  • Around 8,000 people, including prominent personalities turned up at the human chain against the steel flyover
  • Construction of steel bridge is like making a monster to stand in the heart of the city, said activists
Bengaluru reacts Artists activists condemn planned steel bridge


'Citizens Against Steel Flyover' forum today formed the human chain to intensify their protest against the flyover that links Basaveshwara Circle to Hebbal.


As many as 8,000 people, including prominent personalities like actor and film maker Prakash Belawadi, BJP MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar and BJP spokesperson S Suresh Kumar turned up at the human chain, held in four different points.


“Profit has become the only focus of the government. The Construction of steel bridge increases the usage of vehicle in the same proportion. Of course, government will get more profit. But what will be the consequence of health and future of our environment? Our urban development minister has no idea about the history and heritage of Bengaluru. He doesn’t have any future plans for Bengaluru," said Suresh Heblikar, actor and environmentalist


“Once upon a time Bengaluru was a cool city, its temperature was not exceeding 28 degree Celcius. Now its temperature has risen to 45 degree Celsius. In this situation they are planning to cut 812 trees for the construction of steel bridge. How can we sit silently?," added Bhargavi Narayan, Theatre personality.


“Government intended to turn Balabrui heritage building into a club. But it cancelled that project as the general public opposed its intention. Now they are trying to construct this bridge without taking opinion from the public, as they know quite well that people’s opinion is against this project. It is said that the durability of this bridge is just 70 years; that too if they maintain it properly. We know what quality of maintenance the government may provide to this bridge”, said SG Vasudev, Artist.   


“If they construct one single route to the international airport then everyone will have to use only that road. Rather, if they construct routes from all parts of Bengaluru then the traffic will be distributed equally," said Anitha Reddy


“Spending ₹ 1800 crore rupees for 6 Kms is not a solution for traffic problem. We have to explore and develop alternative routes. A CM confirming his commitment for such a bridge in spite of huge opposition is not a right policy in a democratic system. Here people’s representatives cannot take decisions autonomously. A democratic system must respect people’s opinions” – Santhosh Hegde, Retired Lokayukta Justice


“Thousands of people gathered together and formed a human chain as a mark of their protest. This simply shows that they don’t want steel bridge. They government has to consider this voice of protesters. Otherwise, this will be a disgrace to democracy” – Arundhati Nag


“Construction of steel bridge is like making a monster to stand in the heart of the city. Such big schemes should not be implemented by mere political resolutions. It should take suggestions from experts and civilians. Sole decision of government is a big blunder it is already proved in the construction of underpass near Cauvery junction. Maintenance of a bridge made of steel is very costly” – Vani Murti, Solid Waste management round table conference


“Those who travel to international airport will be benefitted by this scheme. This project is not for poor people’s benefit. The government can bring a radical change in the lives of poor people, if they divert the same ₹ 1800 crore rupees for the cause of poor. By cutting trees the government is making injustice to the next generation” – Roopa, Activist.   

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